Sam on Jimmy Kimmell Live ~ The experience…

On Friday June 4th, 2010…our very own Sam Trammell, AKA Sam Merlotte, appeared on Jimmy Kimmell Live. Thanks to perfect timing of a planned girls trip for us ladies at the site and with the help of Sam’s wonderful publicist, who we adore, we were able to attend the show and have a sit down […]

Sam on Jimmy Kimmel Live…..

Sam Trammell is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, June 4th. He’s a natural at these…should be wonderful to see. To see what time it will air near you please go to… JIMMY KIMMELL LIVE For a sample of his interviewing talents… Here’s one of my favorite vids from 2009 of Sam […]

A Chat with Sam Trammell…

By Will Harris ( Interview date: 09/09/2009 Run date: 09/10/2009 If you’re going to play Sam Merlotte, the resident shapeshifter of Bon Temps, Louisiana, then you’ve quickly got to get over any issues of modesty that you may have. Fortunately, when it comes to getting naked, Sam Trammell is a professional: before getting his gig […]

True Blood cast at Comic Con…7-25-09

A video that I haven’t posted yet… My excuse…I was there and was flooded with things to post when I got back…sorry!! But here it is…The True Blood Cast at the Warner Brothers booth…enjoy! SOURCE:  Access Hollywood

Q & A with Sam Trammell

Recently Interview Magazine did a Q & A with some of the cast from True Blood… Hers’s what Sam had to say…..   Where are you from? I am originally from Louisiana, Texas, North Dakota, then for the most part Charleston, West Virginia. How did you get into acting? I had never acted in my […]