Sam Trammell at Chicago Comic Con

Lucky me!! I was fortunate enough to get to see Sam and spend some quality time with him, air travel finally NOT necessary, at the Chicago Comic Con this Saturday.
After a two hour trip and an extensive search through the very crowded display area, I found him at the autograph booths with Kristin Bauer and Brit Morgan.
I immediately starting taking pix…got scolded by security till I flashed my Press Badge and Sam came to my rescue…my hero!
We chatted for about an hour…mainly about the new site we’re creating and basically everything but the show…sorry…no secrets to share! : (

Sam did say he loved getting up close and personal with the fans at these events! No complaints from the poor guy who valiantly signed autographs from 10AM to 7PM for three days straight!

NOTE TO SAM: Thank you…from all of us! You rocked the panel…as usual!!

I was able to get some very wonderful shots of both the signing booth and the True Blood Panel!

First the Video…

The Second Video…

The Third Video…

Here’s a few of my favorite pix…


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