Photos from True Blood Panel at Paley Fest

I went to Paley Fest for the first time to see the True Blood panel and to meet up with the Ladies from True Blood The Nest and head webmistress, Jenna (my boss ;P) from

I brought along two of my friends to make the 300+ mile trek down to Los Angeles — can you say ‘road trip’??? It was their first time too going to Paley Fest as well as being in the same room with people from a TV show we all watch.

We made it down to LA in five and half hours, checked into our hotel room and killed some time down Melrose Ave before heading back to the hotel to getting ready. Headed over to the Saban Theater we saw the line around the corner but thanks to Christy E. and her friends, we were able to join them in line.

We got into the theater and made our way up to the mezzanine where we scored seats in the first row…and waited…and waited…and waited until the show started. So by now you’ve probably already seen alot of video of the panel and already heard what was said so I’ll just go on to say screams were deafening at times for certain people 🙂

So here are my pictures from the panel. Enjoy! -marie

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