True Blood Paleyfest 2011

True Blood News and AlexSkarsgard.Net/Sam-Trammell.Com were lucky enough to travel together to Los Angeles, CA this week to attend the 28th annual PaleyFest which took place on Saturday, March 6th. It was an unforgettable weekend where not only did we get to spend some quality time together… FINALLY… we were able to take part in an adventure into the unknown (along with many other ¨True Blood Junkies¨).

We were able to obtain a little bit of info on season 4, along with a heap (over 1600) photos and video!

Lucky for you, we’re the sharing type…

Anna Paquin says that she will return from Fairyland but that “there’s stuff that’s different.¨ Alan confirmed that Sookie’s grandfather Niall (from the books) will not appear this season but will definitely show up some time in a future seasons.

Alan Ball said that “Eric doesn’t know who he is anymore” and that the Viking is desperately lost in season 4. The amnesia storyline is confirmed and although Eric does know he’s a vampire, he doesn’t know much more. He might receive some assistance from a blond fairy to help him remember his life. Alan Ball mentioned that vampires do dream and that there might be some flashbacks from the dearly departed. Alex Skarsgard added that there is an amazing flashback with Eric and Bill. Alexander also mentioned to Alan that he would really like to see some flashback scenes with Eric and Pam. Alan took note!

Sam did confirm that he will find love again this season, he will be bartending again and hopefully he´ll putting aside his bad ways!

Bill and Sookie’s breakup is serious and it will be a very difficult road to bring those two back together. The question was asked if Alan Ball still believed that Bill and Sookie were soul mates. Alan responded that it was very difficult not to see them that way as they are soul mates in real life.

Queen Sophie Anne and Bill Compton’s fight will include one other “person.”

There will be a bunch of new characters, including one played by Gary Cole.

Tara Thornton will be a much stronger person this year and will be more stable.

Bellefleurs: Andy Bellefleur will be experimenting with some of the V at the police station and Terry B and Arlene´s trouble will ¨grow exponentially¨ thanks to Arlene´s evil baby.

Hoyt and Jessica are still together but will face some challenges, ¨all good things eventually come to an end¨ said Deborah Ann Woll.

Tommy just wants to be loved…

That pretty much concluded our sneak peek into season 4. We may think of more tomorrow as at the moment we’re falling asleep as we type!

Thank you to Alan Ball and the cast for giving us the opportunity to spend time with our favorite supernaturals and humans!

Special thanks to Christy & Crystal who made our Paleyfest experience a little easier.

Videos coming soon…

TO SEE THE PHOTOS…GO HERE FOR NOW (I, Jenna am NOT a laptop lover and will load gallery here when I get home)!

A special thank you from me to Sam and Alex for such a wonderful time!!!

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