Sam on Jimmy Kimmell Live ~ The experience…

On Friday June 4th, 2010…our very own Sam Trammell, AKA Sam Merlotte, appeared on Jimmy Kimmell Live. Thanks to perfect timing of a planned girls trip for us ladies at the site and with the help of Sam’s wonderful publicist, who we adore, we were able to attend the show and have a sit down with our most handsome shifter.

Sam on Jimmy Kimmell Live Part One

Sam on Jimmy Kimmell Live Part Two

Some things we learned…
#1. Sam’s birthday…seems even IMDB has it wrong and that’s not an easy task to have fixed! He was born in New Orleans on Janurary 29th, 1971 and NOT May 15th!

#2. Today, June 7th, they begin filming the 12th episode so shooting should wrap up by the beginning of July. Most episodes take about 15 days to shoot if everything goes as planned…

#3. Sam’s storyline won’t involve much of Ms. Stackhouse this year. We’re heading into a season where we’ll learn a bit more about Sam’s family and his past. Love for Mr. Merlotte this season doesn’t sound likely…awwww!

#4. We asked him to explain a bit how the scenes are filmed…

ST.Com: While you’re taping your scenes, do you have any idea what’s going on with Sookie, Eric or Jason’s storylines?

Sam says they all sit down for a table read together to go over the scripts but he forgets what’s going to happen for the rest of the cast till he actually sees it on screen. (Sounds like they have to wait for the excitement just like we do!)

#5. Is the cast confirmed for Comic Con in San Diego in July?

Most of the night was spent dicussing the site and my big plans to improve it! Sam promised to help and hopefully it won’t be long till everything’s running smoothly! : )

So check back often and happily tolerate the changes to come…they’ll be good….eventually…I promise!!!

Thank you Sam for a great experience…
Hugs from your girls/bodyguards!!! JMC

SOURCE: Videos YouTube – Jimmy Kimmell Live


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